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    "El mejor Pais" 's front page, (September the 19th of 2011 version), 44 pages, 40 x 29 cm, 3000 offset printed copies among which 50 numbered and signed (c)Sabrina Amrani Gallery.

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    A technician examining "El mejor Pais" during the printing.

  • vrac

    "El mejor Pais" en vrac, El Pais, Madrid, 2011.

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    During the distribution-performance, at the Puerta del Sol (the Indignate's square), September the 21rst of 2011, Madrid.

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    During the distribution-performance, in front of the Congress, September the 21rst of 2011, Madrid, Spain.

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    "El mejor Pais" original (under the glass) and "El mejor Pais" printed version (on the glass).
    Installation at "Pour faire joli" personal exhibition, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

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    Elvire with "El mejor Pais" print of September the 16th of 2011, El Pais, Madrid, Spain.

  • elvire_tas-el-mejor-pais
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    "El mejor Pais" in El Pais's bump bin, September the 16th of 2011 version.

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El mejor Pais

"El mejor Pais" is a special issue of the newspaper El Pais made of the "positive" articles published between May the 1rst and August the 15th and reorganised as the original layout
"El mejor Pais" is a 3000 copies edition of which 50 numeroted and signed copies, 44 pages,  cm, 2011 (c)Sabrina Amrani Gallery.

With the support of "El Pais" and assistance of Daphné Gastaldi, David Alonso, Carolina Morala Segret, Florencia Valdes Andino, Maïmiti Cazalis, Sophie Tardy Joubert, and Maria-José Solana.

David Trueba - El Pais - 2011
Samira Saleh - El Pais - 2011