Transats en ligne

(Lined up deckchairs)
Aluminium, cotton canvas and green plant, 65 x 80 x 325 cm (the structure can be taken apart), 2010

Transats en ligne/ Lined up deckchairs is a kind of furniture of the which some distortion due to perspective are slightly exaggerated. The optical effect produced is hardly visible on the pictures.

Thanks to MPVite, Nantes, France.
  • vue générale

    General view of collective exhibition ça va pas rentrer, at Galerie L'art passe à l'est, Montréal, 2010.
    On the floor, Eruption by Mélanie Vincent, hanging from the ceiling, Untitled by Romain Boulay and in the back, Une forme aveugle by Bérénice Merlet.

  • untitled
  • vitrine elvire

    View from the street, through the window.

  • view from left side
  • profil sapin
  • détail plante


  • détail articulation


  • de derrière

    At the back, Une forme aveugle by Bérénice Merlet, sand, fabric and hifi equipment, height 270 cm, 2010