Le Meilleur Monde

(The Best World), a 1000 copies edition of which one hundred numeroted and signed copies, offset print, 16 pages, 31 x 47 cm, 2010 (c) Galerie Intuiti, Paris.
Special issue of the newspaper Le Monde made of the "positive" articles published in "Le Monde" between January and April 2010 and reorganised with the very same layout.

press release
article by Philippe Dagen
text by Jérémy Liron
  • le monde pas de la porte

    A 1000 edition copies of which 100 numeroted and signed, 16 pages, 31 x 47 cm, (c) Galerie Intuiti, Paris, 2010.

  • IMG_1409crop

    Installation view at Galerie Intuiti, Paris, 2010.

  • tas détail

  • IMG_3340

    Macules, mackle detail choosen among the first prints that came out of the offset printing machine used to print Le Meilleur Monde.

  • macule détail sombre
  • macule détail très sombre
  • IMG_2620.

    Performance-distribution of Le Meilleur Monde at Bonne Nouvelle underground station, Paris, 2010. Photo(c)Lorraine Bonduelle

  • portrait elv perf

    Photo(c)Lorraine Bonduelle

  • mains elv cravate

    Photo(c)Lorraine Bonduelle

  • elv baguette

    Photo(c)Lorraine Bonduelle

  • elv jeune fille

    Photo(c)Lorraine Bonduelle

  • elv vielle dame

    Photo(c)Lorraine Bonduelle

  • IMG_2731

    Photo(c)Lorraine Bonduelle

  • le meilleur monde logo site
  • le meilleur monde 09 couv légende

    First original version, newspaper, about 20 pages, Marseille, France, 2009.

  • une original 2010

    "Le meilleur Monde", version originale 2010, collage, papier journal et scotch, 16 pages, 31 x 47 cm. Collection particulière.

  • unes

    Deux Unes du Monde/Two Le Monde front pages, (the first one made of good news only, the second one an inverted ready-made), a 10 copies edition of the pair of prints, 37x52cm, Galerie Intuiti, Paris, 2010. photo(c)Florian Kleinefenn.