• Elvire Bonduelle berçantes livre 700px

    Original's photos extracted from the book "Les meubles anciens du Canada français (Ancient furnitures from French Canada)" by Jean Pallardy. 

  • Elvire Bonduelle chaises beráantes ex 1000cm

    Publication in EX 1000cm2 Art Magazine by Guillaume Aubry and collective exhibition at Galerie Intuiti, Paris, 2009.

  • Elvire Bonduelle chaises be rçantes

    work in progress

  • DSC00129 rec queue 700px

    Journées du Patrimoine (Cultural heritage days), Elysée Palace's gardens, Paris, 2009.

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Cherrywood, about 65 x 95 x 130 cm each, 2008-09.
Reproduction of a pair of rocking-chair, called "berceuses" in Québec, made in the wood of one and only tree. It was often commissioned as wedding gifts to peasants who worked as carpenters during winter when snow covered their fields.
Thanks to Est-nord-est, Saint-Jean Port Joli, Québec, Canada.