David Trueba - El Pais - 2011

Every time we come across more people who say that they are stopping to read the newspapers. They prefer to isolate themselves from the bad news, like who does not go to the doctor while the lump under the skin get the size of a soccer ball. But if you do not look does not mean they do not act. With the economic crisis the media has overreacted, they abused covers and dramatic messages. Every Friday the world ends and every Monday there is another win for Barcelona or Real Madrid. Where do we stop ?

It is likely that over-dramatization of the analysts have finished digging the hole to proceed to the burial of the welfare project on which we went to work for many years and now seems to us an unattainable future perspective. On this, more than anything else, we should reflect on how we could take as many steps backward thinking that we were taking forward.

In comparative issues we have to be cautious. Every time I hear someone complain because kids today do not know fun or play I remember my father principal amusement in childhood was to put a rock in the scarf and herding among friends. Rafael Azcona used to swing a New Yorker cartoon every time someone foisted a sermon on how we were going to get worse. It showed two men of Palaeolithic and told one another: "Many complain of stress, pollution and modern life, but their life expectancy is 80 years and ours is no more than 30".

Some say that pessimism is a trick to sneak worst as irremediable. Keep it in mind. Last week, the young French Elvire Bonduelle produced a limited edition of this newspaper which presents a montage of good news released between May and August. If you did not get a copy of El mejor País, run to it. It may not reconciled yourself with either the reality or the media, but you will recognize that within our hand there are plenty of beautiful ways to transform the bad news in good.

El Pais, 27/09/2011

Un periódico solo de buenas noticias, gratis y a pie de calle

La artista Elvire Bonduelle repartió ayer 3.000 ejemplares de El Mejor País gratis y a pie de calle. Un diario de buenas noticias publicadas en EL PAÍS entre el 1 de mayo y el 15 de agosto. Forma parte de la muestra Pour faire joli (Para hacerlo bonito), que se exhibe hasta el 22 de octubre en la sala Sabrina Amrani.

El Pais, 22/09/2011