Par Béatrice Chassepot

"Humor is the polite face of despair" as Boris Vian, a French novelist, has written.
This way of thinking about life, that is to say preferring laughter over gloom, is the way Elvire Bonduelle chose to run with art. During these dark days of crisis, this is exactly what we need: to laugh. Elvire Bonduelle brings a breath of fresh air into your life and you feel better after seeing one of her videos or one of her installations.
Look at the work above. She turns a very serious French garden into a funny set for a living room, with different greens and a special geographic location for every piece of furniture in the room.
Also, have a look at these chocolate bars. She turns them into table mats... no risk of melting and no way for you to eat them! They are made of ceramic.
In every ordinary item that she comes across and in every ordinary moment of her day, even if it's a bad one, the artist finds a subject to put a humorous spin on.
There are no limitations to her technique. She can create excellent videos, as well as installations or performances and she can even sing! No boundaries for this excellent young artist.
This sense of humor that she puts into every piece is not fortuitous at all. It is a consistent quality and a sign of pure generosity on her part to give us such a gift.

Beatrice Chassepot,, january 2009